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There are many restaurants ambience mall that capture imagination of visitors in a major way. It is a well known fact that Chinese food is in great demand in recent times. Ambience mall is a pioneer in this regard because it has a restaurant which is exclusively dedicated to Chinese cuisine.  There are other restaurants which provide cuisine from all over the world like Mexico and other Latin American countries. It helps to infuse diversity in to the menu and makes the food tastier. Local Indian food is in great demand which has been made possible due to innovation and creative skills of chefs that work in these restaurants.


Aromas of China:

 It is an integral part of restaurants in ambience mall Gurgaon because of the variety of different authentic Chinese dishes it offers to the customers.  One of the biggest attributes of this restaurant is the style of preparation of dishes which is unique. It consists of removing water from the meat and cooking it in authentic way which would entice the users. Apart from above the food is mixed with spices so that results are obtained according to the specifications of the client. Professionals of this restaurant have learned to make new types of dishes in Hongkong and China. They have applied this knowledge in making new types of dishes.

Fresc Co:

It is a world famous chain which has been instrumental in providing great benefits to the user. It is a well known fact that Fresc Co provides assortment of salads which would enable you to enjoy your meal while you are dining at the restaurant. Lemon oregano dressing is a very important menu which has been quite popular among the foodies. Non vegetarian food is very famous among people because of different types of dishes that incorporate different methods of preparation. They offer impeccable ingredients which are required to make classy and contemporary cuisine which captures imagination of visitors. Apart from above you can use mushrooms which are available in menu in the form of different flavors

 Asia 7:

 If you analyze the country of Asia you would be mesmerized by variety of goods on offer to the users. It is one of the most important ambience mall Gurgaon restaurants because of variety of food it offers to its users. Japanese cusine is very famous and sushi forms an integral component. It is also provided to the clients at restaurant so that they are able to enjoy it in great numbers. One of the best items in menu is crispy chili honey potato which is world famous. Similarly if you are ordering for dinner you should make sure that different types of dishes are available such as prawn or avocando maki. In terms of desserts it has no parallels because of amazing range of cuisine it displays.

Indi Joe:

 It is a symbol of hospitality and occupies a very important place in the long list of restaurants in ambience mall Gurgaon.  There are various types of cuisines which are provided as a part of great experience in this place. If you are looking for salads you would be mesmerized by the varieties available at your disposal. There are different types of lettuces which are combined with vegetables to offer you stupendous taste. It is a well known fact that majority of them exhibit high quality. This restaurant is centrally air conditioned with a serene environment and is regarded as a favorite among the visitors.

Nawab Ganj Safari:

 If you visit this restaurant you would find that its environment is very authentic and reminds you of the time when Nawabs and kings ruled the roost in India. It was the time of 19th century and it is recreated in the most authentic ways. Old dishes such as kebabs are available to the customers who arrive here in great numbers to experience bygone eras. Some experts regard it as one of the best ambience mall Gurgaon restaurants.  There are different types of biryanis available that could relish your palettes in an effective manner. Some of them would also prefer peshawari chicken which is world famous and liked by foodies who come to this restaurant.

Punjab Grill:

 It is one of the most important sources of North Indian cuisine which is very popular among the people of Punjab and other adjoining areas. It is a well known fact that you would experience authentic Punjabi extravagance and hospitality. One of the best attributes of this restaurant is the variety of shorbas which are available to people. You can order them according to your convenience.  Tandoori has been combined with broccoli to provide wonderful food that offers sumptuous taste to the users. This restaurant has created benchmarks of quality among the foodies that flock to the place in search for some great cuisine.

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